Mediheal Magic Eye - Double Eyelid Glue/Eyelashes Adhesive

$ 5.99

Product Information:

  1. Products contains Collagen & Keratin
  2. The collagen contains double eyelid glue with excellent instant adhesion makes your double eyelid easily without any harmful effect to your skin.
  3. It can be used as double eyelid glue or eyelashes adhesive
  4. Waterproof


How to use:

Double Eyelid:
  1. First look down and brush with small amoount work from the inside of the eye to the outside corner.
  2. After 20 sec, make a line as eyelid by helper stick.

Eyelash Adhesive:

  1. Apply a thin line along base of the false lash
  2. After 20 - 30 sec, put the false eyelash on eyelash

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